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Thank you for visiting the Reiki Energy Therapy web site. We have 2 locations: One in north Toronto and one in Collingwood, the heart of the beautiful Southern Georgian Bay area of Ontario. We are passionate about helping people through Reiki. Our environment is both professional and welcoming, where we can provide relief and relaxation for your body, mind and soul. We use Reiki with the mutual universal life force energy of you and the practitioner to release tensions and provide balance to your body.

We offer one-on-one Reiki Sessions as well as Duo Sessions where two Reiki practitioners work on you at the same time. A Duo Reiki Session is an amazing experience and is one of our most popular requests.

Reiki Energy Therapy is committed to:

If you would like to schedule a Reiki session please go to the 'contact us' area to either telephone or email us.

Reiki is a 'complementary' and not an alternative to your current medical plan. You should not discontinue any medications, and you should continue with any regular visits to your medical practitioner. Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose nor prescribe; neither ethics nor law allow them to. Reiki works in harmony with, and compliments all other forms of therapy.